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Can a Criminal Record be Expunged in Florida?
  • Can a Criminal Record be Expunged in Florida?
    • Bartow FL Expungement Lawyer Helps Shield Criminal Records


      What is expungement and how can it help you?

      Under certain conditions, certain criminal records can be expunged or sealed in Florida. This means that the general public won't be able to view those records. This protects your privacy and may help when applying for a job, school or other opportunities.

      What type of crimes are eligible for expungement?

      Typically a misdemeanor or minor infraction can be expunged. Examples of other crimes that may be expunged or sealed include court-ordered, administrative, juvenile diversion, and lawful self defense. Also, you may have been arrested but not convicted. It is important you speak with a Bartow, FL expungement lawyer to determine if you are eligible.

      Seal vs expunge in Florida

      The difference between having a record sealed vs. expunged in Florida is that certain government or related entities still have access to the information in a sealed record where an expunged record will only show that the record has been expunged. In both cases, the public will not have access to a criminal history record.

      What is the process to petition to expunge a criminal record in Florida?Winter Haven FL Expungement Lawyer

      • Application
      • Written Certified Statement
      • Certified Disposition
      • Completed Fingerprint Form/Card
      • Processing Fee
      • Attorney Letter of Representation (if applicable)

      How long does it take to get a record expunged in Florida?

      Expect an expungement in Florida to take 6-12 months. This is a wide timeframe but there is no standard amount of time as there are many variables. The state has indicated their current processing time for a Certificate of Eligibility alone takes more than 90 working days.

      Bartow, FL expungement lawyer can help

      If you are interested in clearing your record quickly, you should speak with Diane Buerger, an expungement lawyer in Bartow, FL right away.
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