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Bartow lawyer represents clients on appeal

A knowledgeable appellate attorney can help determine any grounds for appeal and present the legal arguments in an effort to get a reversal from the appellate court. Attorney Diane Buerger is an appellate court attorney in Bartow, FL with more than 30 years of litigation experience. She has represented clients on appeal before the Circuit, District and Florida Supreme Courts.


Whether the problem stems from evidence that was wrongly admitted, improper jury instructions or some other material error that prejudiced the case against you, our firm will look for potential grounds for appeal and evaluate your likelihood of success. Attorney Diane Buerger performs each aspect of appellate work, including:

  • Research — As an attorney who has practiced in Florida for more than three decades, Diane Buerger conducts a thorough review of the case record to identify any significant errors. From there, our firm diligently researches the applicable case law in an effort to present the argument.
  • Brief writing — In most appeals, writing a thorough, well-supported brief is one of the most important tasks. Attorney Buerger’s goal is to use clear language and exhaustive research to try to create a persuasive document.
  • Presentations before the Court — Attorney Diane Buerger has filed and argued appellate cases in Florida Appellate courts and the Florida Supreme Court. Whether your matter is before the Florida District Courts of Appeal or the Florida Supreme Court, Diane Buerger has the legal knowledge and experience to present your case to the court.

It can be difficult to determine whether a worthy appeal exists; not every guilty verdict of a criminal offense has grounds for appeal. In a free initial consultation, we’ll help you understand the relevant law and your options.

Contact a Bartow, FL criminal appeals attorney for a free consultation.

Bartow criminal defense lawyer Diane Buerger advocates for her clients in Florida appeals. Please call 863-537-7907 to make an appointment for a free initial consultation at her office..

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