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Experienced Bartow Lawyer Defends Clients Facing Charges

Attorney Diane Buerger strives to provide prompt, effective legal counsel to clients who have been accused of felonies, misdemeanors and other types of offenses. The things you say and do may be used against you – even if you’re innocent. We will work to safeguard your legal rights. Bartow criminal defense attorney Buerger has been helping clients fight for justice – and their legal rights for more than 30 years. She can help by defending you – or by giving you legal guidance – so you can decide what your best option may be.


In Polk, Highlands and Hardee Counties, we offer seasoned advice and strong advocacy in cases arising from various criminal allegations, including:

  • Battery – You don’t have to hurt anyone to be charged and convicted of battery. Why can two people get charged with similar battery offenses – but one person is charged with a misdemeanor and the other person gets charged with a felony? Attorney Buerger can help answer those questions. She can also help you understand the potential ramifications from a battery conviction – so you can decide how to proceed in court
  • Theft — Unlawfully taking someone’s property is felony grand theft if the value of the item(s) taken is at least $750. But some stolen items valued at less than $750 can still be charged as felonies – depending on the item, place from which it was stolen, or your prior record. Our firm researches the circumstances of the charge in detail in an effort to find applicable defenses.
  • Burglary — If you’ve been charged with entering a home, business, or other structure illegally, we’ll explain the elements that the prosecutor needs to prove and what defenses may exist. Not every non-consensual entry is a burglary.
  • Sexual offenses — If you’re charged with sexual battery, you could face a long period of incarceration and mandatory registration as a sex offender. We can investigate and try to uncover the truth – or to look for potential defenses.
  • Drug Crimes – If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime, it’s important to know that some penalties can be severe and that even small distinctions can make a major difference in the outcome of your case. Charges are based on a variety of factors, including the type and amount of drug involved. Whether your case pertains to marijuana, heroin, cocaine or even the allegedly improper use of a prescription medication, our firm works diligently – looking for errors and ways to have improper evidence excluded. When appropriate, we can seek reductions in charges and alternatives to imprisonment, such as substance abuse treatment.
  • DUI Offenses – An adult can commit a DUI in two ways:

So even if your normal faculties were not impaired, you can still be convicted if you breath or blood-alcohol level was .08 or above. Potential penalties can vary depending on how high the breath/blood alcohol level was; whether there was an accident, injury, or damage; and whether you have any priors.

Sometimes, even if the BA reading is .08, or above, there may be legal defenses or viable trial arguments.

We can help you to know the law pertaining to DUIs – and present your defenses in court. For example: Was it a bad stop; were rules and regulations followed by law enforcement; or were test results accurate?

  • Miscellaneous Crimes – There are many types of criminal offenses in addition to those listed above. It’s even possible to commit a crime without realizing it – or, as is sometimes said: “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Whether you’re charged with committing a known offense – or one that you never heard of – Attorney Buerger strives to help you understand the law and what defenses or other legal challenges may exist.
  • Injunctions – Protective injunctions cases are considered civil, rather than criminal, matters. But they can be related to criminal cases and, like criminal offenses, may have a negative impact on your future. Attorney Diane Buerger can provide representation – whether you’re the petitioner (the person seeking the court’s protective order) or the respondent (the person against whom the protective order is being sought). She can help petitioners understand the requirements for getting an injunction and what an injunction can, and cannot do. If you’re the respondent, she can help you understand some of the short and long-term consequences an injunction could have on your future.
  • Expungement – It is possible to have certain crimes removed or sealed from your record. Our firm can help you apply.
  • Traffic Violations – If you have been accused of a traffic infringement whether civil or criminal, you will want a strong advocate on your side to protect your rights and keep penalties to a minimum. Bartow traffic violations attorney Diane Buerger has the experience needed to get the best results.

A criminal record for any offense can have longstanding consequences. We can start with a free initial consultation.

Contact a skillful Polk County criminal defense attorney for a free consultation.

Diane Buerger is a criminal defense attorney in Bartow, Florida who advocates for those who have been accused of crimes in Polk, Highlands and Hardee Counties. Please call 863-537-7907 now to make an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation at her office.

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